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  1. Tribute CD's are usually fundraisers for a charity and prove to be little more than an excuse for horrid cover versions by artists you've never heard of. "FDR's Tribute to the Who: Who's Not Forgotten" accomplishes one thing that makes it worth the cost of admission: It captures the spirit of the band it is honoring/5(3).
  2. Sep 20,  · A long way home, cannot make it on our own, some of the words to the chorus, I love the CD, It's funny but I can relate to alot of the songs, it's been two years since I've gotten saved and you guys were the first christian band I've ever heard live, The inner city knows, Not Forgotten and their passion for God. YOu all have been blessed with /5(7).
  3. Each collection has some super-rare titles you’ve been looking for, either something from a very small label or perhaps the single version of an album original. There’s also usually a song or two you’ve never heard of, a song you had forgotten about that you now love hearing again and sometimes a song you’d rather have kept forgotten/5().
  4. The words in each of the songs from the CD are not the kind of boring repetitional short statements of praise and glory, but deep and meaningful and really do penetrate to the soul where you are at one with the spirit of the Lord. song which is I Have Not Forgotten!! If you have not heard this, pls take the time to listen to it. I 1st heard /5(23).
  5. Jul 12,  · It was there that you would hear things like Pink Floyd's The Wall in its entirety, or an hour of songs based on a central theme. Since today's typical classic radio playlist consists of the songs that got mainstream radio airplay back in the day, there are plenty of gems that you're not likely to hear on the radio. Here are some of the best.
  6. You may not have heard of Cymande, but you’ve heard them: MCs have been rapping over their funky drums since the dawn of hip-hop. But the .
  7. The label for Starbucks releases should be entered as per the actual label/logo appearing on the release. For "Starbucks Coffee" use Starbucks Coffee. For related releases with a simple "Starbucks" logo, use Starbucks.
  8. And if you haven’t got Heaven Or Las Vegas, then you sorely need to. Arguably the group’s most accessible work, it signalled their parting from long-time label 4AD, even as it breached the UK.

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