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  1. Swoop offers ULTRA-LOW COST air travel. Fly for less to our destinations in Canada, United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Book cheap flights online now.
  2. Swoop understands the ins and outs of the towing business, and what it takes to run a successful operation with quality customer service. Sean Van Lingen, Van Lingen Towing, CA Swoop’s software allows us to reduce the amount of paper it takes to run our business, and helps our business take it to another level in delivering excellent service.
  3. Swoop is Canada’s ULTRA-LOW fare airline with a commitment to offering you the lowest and cheapest airfares. Check out our latest and cheapest travel deals now!
  4. Swoop definition, to sweep through the air, as a bird or a bat, especially down upon prey. See more.
  5. Swoop uses cutting-edge AI and robust deidentified health and demographic data sets to build targeting segments for both sensitive and non-sensitive conditions. With the capability to build segments using no inferred health knowledge of any kind, Swoop can satisfy .
  6. Define swoop. swoop synonyms, swoop pronunciation, swoop translation, English dictionary definition of swoop. v. swooped, swoop·ing, swoops v. intr. 1. To move in a sudden sweep: The bird swooped down on its prey. 2. To make a rush or an attack with a sudden.
  7. swoop meaning: 1. to move very quickly and easily through the air, especially down from a high position in order. Learn more.

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