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  1. Henry Wells, (born December 12, , Thetford, Vermont, U.S.—died December 10, , Glasgow, Scotland), pioneering American businessman who was one of the founders of the American Express Company and of Wells Fargo & Company.. Wells’s father, the Rev. Shipley Wells, was a preacher, and his mother led an itinerant life for 20 years. In the family .
  2. May 17,  · Welcome to the QuizMoz How well do you know Henry Danger. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you.
  3. In , Henry Wells and William Fargo founded Wells, Fargo & Co. to serve the West. The new company offered banking (buying gold and selling paper bank drafts as good as gold) and express (rapid delivery of the gold and anything else valuable).
  4. Until I Met You Lyrics: I used to be so fancy free / But really lonesome as could be / Till one lucky day, you came my way / I never knew what love was all about / Until I met you / I knew it.
  5. Sep 18,  · Here is what we know about Henry Cavill signing on to do more movies as Superman! Well, well, well, as of right now, news has come out that actor Henry Cavill might have signed a new deal with the production company owned by Warner Bros in order to return in the role of Superman for a variety of new installments.
  6. Henry didn’t die a wealthy royal, instead he left the treasury in dire straits. #5 He Was Happily Married to an Older Woman Source. We all know Henry had six wives, but one of the ten things you didn’t know about Henry VIII was that he was very happily married to .
  7. Henry succeeded his father, Henry V, on September 1, , and on the death (October 21, ) of his maternal grandfather, the French king Charles VI, Henry was proclaimed king of France in accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Troyes () made after Henry V’s French victories. Henry’s minority was never officially ended, but from he was considered old .
  8. KING HENRY V I tell thee truly, herald, I know not if the day be ours or no; For yet a many of your horsemen peer And gallop o'er the field. MONTJOY The day is yours. KING HENRY V Praised be God, and not our strength, for it! What is this castle call'd that stands hard by? MONTJOY They call it Agincourt. KING HENRY V Then call we this the field.

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